Expansion of training programs

HOOGERSMILDE - Vredeveld Transport is now also recognized as a training company for the Manager Transport and Logistics program.

Vredeveld was already a recognized training company for the following programs:

  • Commercial Vehicle Technician
  • First Commercial Vehicle Technician
  • Road Transport Driver
  • Logistics Employee

Starting from the school year 2018-2019, Martijn Timmer will begin the Manager Transport and Logistics program at Vredeveld Twente in the cleaning area, with Han Prenger as his internship supervisor.

There are various tasks associated with this program, such as supervising employees in our cleaning area and managing the logistics processes related to it.

We are proud of this achievement and look forward to mentoring many more students in the future.

Deelens en Vredeveld samen verder!

Vredeveld Groep en Excluton B.V. hebben overeenstemming bereikt over een vergaand partnership met de overname van de transport activiteiten van Deelens Transport B.V. Het creëren van een integraal logistiek en supply chain platform past in de lange termijn strategische visie van beide bedrijven.