Value Added Logistics

Value Added Logistics

Get acquainted with our Value Added Logistics. We go much further than just transporting goods and materials from A to B. Completely relieving you of all your logistic challenges and wishes, that's our goal.

Extra services within our logistic process

Within the logistic process we like to take work out of your hands:

Silo bulk transport
Much more than just transport
Storage and transshipment

Storage and transshipment

In our storage and transshipment hall in Borne we store or transship your goods. Our warehousing offers a solution for all your storage and transshipment issues.

Storage on wheels

Avoid unnecessary extra steps in the logistic process, and also get acquainted with our direct material storage in trailers. This prevents extra handling and increases the speed of transport.

In our cars we make optimal use of the technology. We read out information from the engine management directly via the CAN bus. In combination with an intelligent app, this provides you with a wealth of information, such as real-time insight per vehicle, complete driving style analyses per driver and clear overviews of each individual job. In combination with our software, we are able to make the entire logistics process even more efficient. With this step forward, your entire logistic process is fully digitized.

What advantages does Value Added Logistics offer you?

Saving costs

Because we are able to improve the efficiency of the logistic process, you save significantly on costs. You will also save on costs, such as personnel and storage costs.


The Value Added Logistics activities are professionally carried out by our specialized employees. You don't have to worry about anything.


We take work off your hands that can save you valuable time.

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