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Logistic solutions

Vredeveld Logistic Solutions is our non-asset based business unit, where all aspects of the Supply Chain are organized.

Logistic experts.

We have logistics experts who can provide our customers with the best solution for their logistics challenge. From an integrated supply chain management solution to outsourcing their financial, operational and analytical logistics processes.

Logistic Solutions
This is where processes, technology and knowledge of our employees come together to map and control the entire supply chain.

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Logistic solutions

Vredeveld Logistic Solutions

The development of an innovative logistics concept in which the entire logistics handling and customer support are entrusted to Vredeveld Logistic Solutions. Within the project, feasibility is assessed both financially and organizationally. Additionally, the organization is structured, trained, and coached as part of this project.

All-inclusive Service

Our logistics engineers analyze, optimize and redesign Supply Chains with the aim of reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. To do so, we use an innovative IT solution that enables us to efficiently manage the entire process from order to cash. This all-inclusive service includes: online tendering, supplier auditing, complaint management, planning and execution, financial and operational dynamic reporting.

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A solution for your challenge

Our logistics engineers are experienced and highly educated. Through many years of experience in various logistics disciplines, we are able to advise customized solutions, support your daily processes and operational challenges. Our strength lies in finding the right solution for your challenge.