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Tankcleaning Vredeveld at Ter Apelkanaal offers you tank cleaning according to the highest food safety standards. With a wide range of possibilities for cleaning your tankers, bulk trailers and semi-trailers, heating and drop & swap. Fully certified in the field of food and animal feed.

  • Tankcleaning
  • Fast and efficient cleaning services.


Whatever material your tankers transport, you can count on our fast and efficient cleaning services. Thanks to our computer-controlled food cleaning processes and our extra filtered drinking water, we achieve maximum cleaning results. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient and fully computer-controlled cleaning of your equipment
  • Automated calculation of rinsing time, type and dosage of detergents, water temperature and water pressure
  • Two coil lines for extra fast service
  • Environmentally friendly processing of waste water and residual loads
  • You will receive an official European Cleaning Document (ERD/ECD)after cleaning.
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