Silo Bulk transportation

Delivery of goods is an important pillar of our services. In the meantime, we have become the largest bulk carrier in the North and East of the Netherlands. With our more than 160 silo bulk trailers, we transport a wide variety of bulk products. Not only in the Benelux, Germany, Denmark and the North of France, but throughout Europe you can see our cars driving.

Bulk goods

Salt, granulates, various kinds of flour and lime, we transport all bulk goods. Also for the transportation of waste products such as fly ash, you have come to the right place.

This way, all our towing units are equipped with a mobile software that communicates real-time with our planning. As a result, communication between you and the planning is always effective and efficient. Apart from these developments, we are fully certified for the product groups Food (HACCP) and Feed (GMP+).

  • Silo Bulk
  • Our quality standard is high

Focus on qualitative development

Our market segments

In order to keep up with the rapid growth, the emphasis in the coming period will be on qualitative development. Vredeveld Bulk Transport has certifications for the product groups Food (HACCP) and Feed (GMP+) and is progressive when it comes to quality. In addition, all towing units are equipped with an on-board computer so that communication with planning and customers is as effective and efficient as possible. With our many years of experience, Vredeveld Bulk Transport guarantees quality and reliability in bulk transport.

Food products

The transport of food products is subject to strict quality requirements and the transport of such products is therefore left only to qualified and certified transporters. We are happy to be your partner for the national and international transport of all kinds of raw materials for foodstuffs, such as salt, potato flour and gluten. Thanks to our HACCP certification, you can leave food transport to us with peace of mind. For the transport of these goods, we have special trailers available that are only used for food products.

Feed - Animal Nutrition

For the transport of raw materials for the agricultural sector and the animal feed industry, we have been a trusted carrier for years. We are fully GMP certified and comply with all requirements and conditions for road transport for the animal feed sector.

Non-Food - other products

The transport of various chemical non-food products is specialist work. We transport large quantities of P.V.C., granulate, technical flour etc. and petrochemical products, including polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics, on a daily basis and have all the necessary certifications and permits.

Logistic solutions

Vredeveld Logistic Solutions is our non-asset based business unit, where all aspects of the Supply Chain are organized.

Logistic solutions

Asset solutions

Within our logistic process we go much further than just transporting goods. We also handle storage and transshipment as well as customized solutions, and rightly so.
Asset solutions
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